Frances' expertise is across all areas of business. With each project she produces a personalised plan to achieve the business requirement which includes the four core elements: sales increase, profitable execution, team development, customer centric. Frances uses her vast network to promote businesses under her consultancy. Frances also uses her network for cost effective recruitment.

Strategic Business Long Term Planning

  • Develop bespoke strategies for business growth including, where appropriate, exit strategies
  • Mentor business stakeholders
  • Create work flows to achieve the business plan within the business
  • Build business cases for investment for both external and internal use
  • Review company structures and develop or recruit teams, including board level, to achieve desired outcome
  • A line all PR and Marketing activity to achieve the business plan
  • Advise on investment programmes

Multi Channel

  • Build business tools to develop multi channel retailing
  • Develop business processes to achieve multi channel retailing
  • Create operational solutions to multi channel challenges
  • Mentor teams across channels to achieve excellent customer service and profitable results
  • Produce a team structure to support the multi channel roll out
  • Develop social media strategies to support multi channel


  • Review and re-vitalise retail statistics
  • Develop sales skills and techniques within the teams responsible
  • Build personalised shopper techniques for both sales and brand building
  • Produce operational solutions to ensure delivery of retail expectations
  • Create long term profitable strategies to achieve retail expectations including team evaluation


  • Build buying strategies to support business requirements
  • Develop negotiation tools for the buying/merchandising teams to create more profitable brand relationships
  • Produce business bespoke "product cycles" which timeline the lifetime of product ensuring an exit strategy profitably
  • Introduce new business contacts and introductions where appropriate

PR and Marketing

  • Review and build overall company PR and Marketing strategies
  • Build bespoke PR and Marketing annual plans to maximise coverage and opportunity with external and internal resources
  • Develop operational solutions to any challenges within the organisation
  • Network the core business where appropriate within and outside FCC's network

Hosting and Presenting

  • Host events offering a personalised and brand focus specific
  • Present at events information that is both informative and brand specific
  • Create events through FCC network for brand building or to create sales opportunities

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